Courses and Habits investments during the year

I always loved to learn. Anything. From IT technical stuff from bike mechanics, cooking and many other things. I guess I’m just too curious and wanna understand how stuff works.


Below I’ll list all the courses and general knowledge paths I have exposed myself during this year. Hope you enjoy:

Coursera and Udemy

Mostly used this platform to learn more about GCP and get myself ready for the GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Exam.

What have I learned from my reading and listening mornings

The main idea of the post is for me to have a nice recap of all the books I’ve read during 2020. With the pandemic I had the opportunity to stop many bad behaviours and replan the way I was living. Books were an essential part of my transformation, they gave me strength and guided me with science around many things I supposed were true. Hope you enjoy it!

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

Learn to say NO. Nobody will prioritize your life purpose for you. Do less, but be the best on the things you do and believe…

New positive habits that arrived with new technologies

No, I was never the kind of person who reads a lot, reading was not the funniest activity of my childhood by far. I was too active to sit down and spend some hours of my day just absorbing information from a static object called a book. As some of us saw Prince Ea. video: “ I SUED THE SCHOOL SYSTEM !!!”, and if you haven't you should, we should accept that people are different and understand they have way different needs to absorb knowledge.

Since I was young I have heard people saying we can learn by three different…

Welcome to Hugo!

After many years without writing in a blog, not having a space to call it mine, I have decided to understand what some tech fellows were using to handle personal pages and tech blogs. I must let you know I did not go in any deeper research, I was willing to find something easy to manage, powerful, modern but at the same time able to give some fun while learning.

This are some of the blogs I spy and get inspired on:


Let's get started: /o/

Click here to read…

Part 1 of 4 - Deciding the stack

After a long time without writing some tech stuff I have decided to put my website/blog back online! Writing here was a fun task to document the process itself. Hope you enjoy.

Back in time I used to host my own server, either in my home or in the early beginning as a IaaS Machine on the cloud, many times as a shared VPS or a tiny machine where I could have my Debian OS, with Apache as a webserver to run some PHP code using framework. …

Have you ever cried during your favorite exercise?

This title may sound weird to you. You may think, “Are you ok?”, “Do you need help?”, “Are you injured?” but, wait, I’ll try to make my point over the next few paragraphs.

In “true acceptance” I wrote about my journey, facing all my silent beliefs to start over. Exercises will always be an important part of this life transition. Swimming, skateboarding, cross training and cycling were already part of my life in some way, but running was not. Running was just too much for me.

During the transition, practice street running made me learn a lot. First, joining a…

Some thoughts about IT skills in a near future

It was not long ago when some of us realized that machines, algorithms and software were pushing us out of our jobs. People started seeing years of study and experience threatened by this new era where digital transformation, like any other revolution, has challenged us to move out of our comfort zones.

The thing is, we need once again to adapt to this new reality. We need to find some new skills in this era that we enjoy, and this does not mean losing your several years of study and starting over. …

What I'm gonna miss after COVID-19 pandemic crisis

It was not long ago when we could walk in the park, shop, hang out with friends or go out for a meal at a great restaurant across the city. We were free to move around and do wherever we wanted without having any idea that a huge pandemic to be caused by COVID-19 was looming.

The nightmare arrived and hit hard everybody’s routines; many of us are now facing a new work reality, in a different environment, with different distractions like family, pets, noises, and even the short distance between our…

A long path of a constant learning journey

It's been almost 2 year that I decided to give myself a different life. Not a life with limitations, or without the things that gives me most pleasure, materially and spiritually, but a life full of awareness, seeking my true purposes.

I never gave personal habits truly importance. In every single aspect, I didn't have time to stop what I was doing to plan, think or even understand the colateral effects of my daily actions. My life was somehow in its autopilot when I was just paying around careless with the things I enjoyed most.

Studying was something that I…

Bruno Gurgel

Living an intense life transition I'm trying to find on writing a good alternative to learn, un-learn and re-learn. Hope you enjoy this journey with me.

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